More than 90 per cent of buyers using programmatic, says AOL survey

According to a new study from AOL, 76% of advertisers buy display via programmatic, while 56% buy mobile inventory this way; 48% use programmatic for video ads; 24% for social; 32% for search; and 13% for television. Just 8% say they aren’t using programmatic in any channel. 

Real Time Daily report that, from the agency perspective, 86% are buying display via programmatic, 60% for mobile and video, 34% for social, 24% for search, 7% for television and just 9% aren’t using it at all.

In other words, over 90% of buyers are now using programmatic in some capacity.

The data comes from new survey results from AOL Platforms. AOL Platforms surveyed senior executives at 25 major US brands, 96 agencies and 56 publishers over a one-month period spanning May and June 2014.

MediaPost’s Real Time Daily reports that although it is already prevalent in all digital media channels, agency and brand respondents said advertisers will increase the use of programmatic buying over the next six months. Respondents said advertisers will increase the use of programmatic in display by 58% over the next six months – by 53% in mobile, 54% in video, 18% in social, 12% in TV and 10% in search.

AOL notes: “87% of brands and agencies plan to increase spend in display and video up to 50% in the next year.”

“What started as a way to automate real-time bidding on remnant inventory has evolved into a force for innovation across numerous areas of the advertising landscape, including the trading of premium display and videos buys,” Allie Kline, chief marketing officer of AOL Platforms, told Real-Time Daily. “Programmatic is moving out of the minor leagues.”

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