Chart of the week: What types of media take up most people’s time?

The daily time media consumers worldwide will spend on the internet this year is forecasted to hit 170 minutes daily, roughly three hours a day. By 2021, consumers are estimated to spend 192 minutes per day on the internet. Specifically, Zenith found that this is being driven by the increase of time readers spend on their internet-connected mobile devices. Worldwide consumption of mobile internet will increase to 800 hours this year.

By comparison, daily time print newspaper is projected to shrink to nine minutes, while print magazine time is estimated to stand at around four minutes per day in 2021. In 2011, daily time worldwide with print newspaper stood at just over 20 minutes, while magazine time was around 10 minutes a day.


Chart 19 August 2019 ()


Download the chart here.

Chart by Statista

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