Debunking viewability’s big myths

Viewability, on face the face of it, is a no-brainer: An ad, no matter how attention-grabbing, can’t be effective unless someone sees it.

But buying and selling on viewability, which comes with its own set of measurement hurdles, has proven to be far more contentious — and has inspired a long list of myths about the concept. Here are five of them.

Myth: The most viewable ads are above-the-fold.
Conventional wisdom about ad placements, much of which was borrowed from newspapers, suggested that if you want someone to see your ads, then you should place them above-the-fold, above even the site’s logo. But when it comes to viewability, the reality is more complicated. When readers click over to a site, they almost always immediately scroll down, often before the ads at the top of the page finish loading. Old ways of thinking about page design just don’t apply.

Source: Digiday

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