Disney+ surges to 164 million subscribers

Disney has revealed its flagship streaming property, Disney+, raked in an impressive 12.1 million new subscribers between July and September of this year, taking the platform’s global total to 164.2 million.

Tech Radar reports that Hulu and ESPN Plus have been going great guns, too, leaving the House of Mouse finishing the year with an industry-high pool of 235 million subscribers. 

It’s not all good news at Disney, however. Despite its growing customer numbers, Disney’s fourth-quarter results actually confirmed a year-over-year loss of $1.47 billion, almost double the losses it endured in 2021. 

Meanwhile, the entire WBD portfolio – which includes HBO, HBO Max and Discovery Plus – crawled to 2.8 million new customers in the previous quarter taking their total to around 95 million subscribers.

Netflix only added 2.4 million subscribers during the same period, but the streamer is still top dog with a global count of 223 million.


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