[Download] Publishing during a pandemic – August update

Gearing up for a hybrid future as we move into a post-Covid world.

FIPP’s first two ‘Publishing during a pandemic’ Covid-19 reports mapped publishers’ initial response to the coronavirus pandemic. The first analysed the immediate impact of realities such as the loss of newsstands, a slump in ad spending and limitations on content creation.

The second report then looked at how the industry was standing up to the early challenges.

With the benefit of hindsight – and with many knee-jerk responses having now played out – publishers are starting to understand what the long-term impact of Covid-19 on their industry might be.

While this third report – ‘Publishing during a pandemic: Gearing up for a hybrid future’ – continues to shed light on early lessons learnt, it’s main focus is on how publishing might look in the future.


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