Editorial Perfil launches multi-platform journalism project to boost engagement

One such project is Periodismo Puro (Pure Journalism), where the publisher combines extensive interviews conducted by founder Jorge Fontevecchia with the country’s most important political figures. 


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Jorge Fontevecchia (right) interviews Daniel Scioli, former Vice President of Argentina


Jorge is one of Argentina’s most respected journalists and has been interviewing the key players in the political landscape for their bi-weekly print newspaper, Perfil. But this time they also filmed all of the interviews using only mobile phones. Giving the audience unprecedented access to Presidents’, Ministers’, and opposition leaders’ intimacy, Jorge dives in, with interviews lasting more than two hours. These are then edited and released in parts and launched digitally throughout the week, while the full interview is released in their Sunday print edition. 


Editorial Perfil ()

Jorge Fontevecchia (left) interviews Florencio Randazzo, former Internal Affairs and Transportation Minister

This has allowed Perfil to create rich, exclusive, agenda-setting content, distributed through digital and print channels. At the same time, they’ve been able to offer advertisers exposure across both mediums in a variety of formats. In Argentina, all publishers know that it is time to work across platforms both editorially and commercially. In this case, Perfil’s founder and most important journalist is leading a project that is bridging the gap, helping them increase cross-channel engagement, advertising inventory and potential revenues.

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