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FIPP Insider Podcast Episode 1 James Hewes ()


Presented by media journalists Charlotte Ricca and Ashley Norris, FIPP Insider provides a different type of media podcast. Analysing the industry from behind the curtain, each 40min episode will take an inside look at trends, key issues, and where different aspects of the sector may be heading next. 

The team will look at disruption, whether that’s from emerging companies, technology, or cultural shifts, such as how the consumption habits of Millennials and Gen-Z are changing production processes. Each episode the hosts will be joined by industry experts, thought leaders, and influencers, who’ll lend their views on upcoming trends. 

The first episode of the podcast features FIPP CEO, James Hewes, and analyses some of the key trends in media that have taken place over the last 10 years that publishers may not necessarily have predicted. The team begins by looking at a blog post that Ashley wrote 10 years ago, in which he asked whether Twitter could be about to overtake Facebook as the number one social media platform in the world:

“Just to give some context, in 2010 Twitter was at that point where it was just about to hit the mainstream,” says Ashley. “So for example all of a sudden, you had BBC programmes like Question Time and Match of the Day starting to say contact us on Twitter, and it was all over the radio, a lot of celebs were already on there starting to notch up a million followers. That was happening at that time. Whereas Facebook seemed to be slowing down a little bit, but I guess I underestimated the genius of Mark Zuckerberg and the way he’s managed to hook us all in there.”



Speaking on the industry at large, James Hewes reminds us that despite reservations about digital charges in more recent years, the subscription model has traditionally been one of magazine media’s key strengths.

“We have been very, very good as an industry at selling subscriptions. And yet when it becomes a membership and a digital subscription, we suddenly think it’s difficult. So I think that’s something that companies have to get over because it is an absolutely crucial revenue stream – I think it is THE crucial revenue stream for the next 10 years.”

Podcasting and other forms of audio-content themselves continue to grow in popularity. In January, it was announced that UK newspaper, The Times, will launch its own talk radio station later this year. Existing shows such as The Media Podcast with Olly Mann, BBC Radio 4’s Media Show, which is now also available in podcast format, and the Media Voices Podcast have all proved popular. A live episode of the latter will be recorded on-stage during the upcoming Digital Innovators Summit (DIS) in Berlin in March, where the new Innovation in Magazine Media book will be launched, itself featuring a chapter dedicated to podcasting as a revenue source.

Hear Episode 1 of the FIPP Insider Podcast here.


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