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Three new companies welcomed to FIPP membership

One media owner and two service providers were approved as FIPP members by the FIPP Management Board at its most recent meeting on 12 December 2017. 

FIPP's membership network includes more than 500 of the world's best-known media companies across more than 60 countries worldwide covering 30 national associations. Welcomed as new FIPP members at the end of 2017 are:


1. Mortons Media Group Limited, UK

Queen Victoria was on the throne when enterprising Lincolnshire publisher W K Morton brought mechanical typesetting to the market town of Horncastle.

Mortons of Horncastle Ltd. now has a reputation which extends far beyond the county boundaries. Publication of local newspapers within Lincolnshire provided the basis for a core of expertise which has enabled Mortons to develop as a contract printer for many newspaper and periodical publishers throughout Britain. In 2004 Mortons Media Group Ltd was formed after combining Mortons Motorcycle Media Ltd, and its heritage division, Mortons Media. Now, as one company, Mortons Media Group Ltd produces a wide portfolio of magazine titles, specialist publications, several major classic bike shows, and offers Europe's largest Motorcycle Archive.


1. Content Central /Syndigate AB, Sweden

Editorial content from Sweden's leading freelance journalists, photographers and subject experts.

Content Central is the marketplace where freelancers and media meet. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Simple, convenient, affordable and profitable for all parties.

2. Publiq, Switzerland

PUBLIQ is a nonprofit foundation that places authors at the center of the publishing and digital media industry by offering them an efficient and reliable ecosystem in which to interact and thrive. Authors have access to a free, secure, and censorship-resistant platform where they can upload their writings, protect them adequately within the latest blockchain architecture, and distribute them safely. Intermediaries or traditional publishing houses, which used to dominate the author in his or her work, are removed from the chain of creation and distribution.

PUBLIQ’s instant rewarding process encourages and incentivizes authors to share their talents with the world. Rewards are assigned daily to authors depending on their PUBLIQ Score – a reputation-scoring system exclusively shaped from the readers’ views and feedback. This unique evaluation system allows authors to be fairly rewarded as well as celebrated for their good work.

The three companies approved in December are in addition to the 11 members approved in October 2017 including Media Owners: Emerging Market Media/em-views, USA; Globe Business Media Group, UK; Litro, UK; Media Group Medweth, Germany; The Pool, UK and Service Providers: BlueToad, UK; Exozet, Germany; Osborne Hollis, UK; Readly, Sweden; Sterling Wood Group, USA; and Syno International, Lithuania. 

More than 350 media owners plus their international subsidiaries are represented by FIPP as well as more than 80 service providers to the industry and associated organisations all of whom use FIPP to find new business partners and gather information on potential markets. FIPP represents more than 5,000 media brands, which include almost all of the world’s leading magazine media titles.

Find out more about these and other FIPP member media owners, service providers and national associations in the FIPP Members Directory. FIPP's company membership means all individuals at these companies are members, and they can log into their members-only site (My Account) to see full contact details for all.

Not got your members' password? Contact Jan Osorio for a reminder.

Not a FIPP member? Visit or contact Helen Bland for more information. 


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