Forbes Media and Worldfone announce launch of Forbesfone

Forbesfone provides consumers with two products that offer a cost-effective alternative to owning multiple local SIM cards. 

“Redefining roaming is the aim of our game. We have carefully studied the needs of the frequent traveler and understand that mobile connectivity can be a burden both financially and operationally,” said Walter Komarek, CEO of Forbesfone. “We believe our mobile service will be a game changer in the telecom industry. This service will open up a cost-effective world to frequent travellers in which looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot becomes redundant and worrying about heavy bill shocks or hidden charges is a thing of the past.”

Forbesfone’s products include a data plan and a talk plan that offer different advantages to customers. The data plan grants Internet access to mobile users and is available in over 190 countries around the globe, with rates starting at US$0.11/MB in the most visited destinations worldwide. The talk plan is a comprehensive service currently available in the U.S. and Europe, offering data, voice and SMS, and it is expected to roll out worldwide in January 2016. Both plans can be purchased from Forbesfone’s official website.

“The launch of Forbesfone aligns with our strategy to develop new revenue streams through product extensions under the Forbes brand,” said Mike Federle, Chief Operating Officer at Forbes Media. “This global offering is a unique and cost-effective service addressing a common complaint of our audience of world business travellers.” 

How It Works:  Forbesfone is compatible with all unlocked GSM devices and phones. Customers  need to replace their domestic carrier’s SIM card with a Forbesfone SIM card when traveling internationally. Any mobile phone supporting iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry operating systems is compatible. 

Customers are offered two options through the website: pre-paid pay-as-you-go plans that can be adjusted or added to as needed, or standardised monthly plans. Customers can switch plans for free. There are no hidden charges or fees. Forbesfone also provides a dedicated customer-care service to assist with inquiries anytime of the day anywhere around the globe.

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