Our Global Digital Subscription Snapshot is getting a quarterly update: include your data


2019 Global Digital Subscriptions Report ()


If you want your media brand to be featured in the report, please send your data to Sylkia J. Cartagena, editor at FIPP, at sylkia@fipp.com.

Publishers wishing to participate must send:

– Publication title/group name

– Total digital-only subscriptions (print and digital combination are not permissible)

– Base subscription cost (promotional offers not permissible)

– Period during which subscription level was achieved

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday 18 June 2019.

New to the Global Digital Subscription Snapshot? Click here to download the 2018 report and here for the March 2019 report.

The Global Digital Subscription Snapshot is produced by FIPP in partnership with CeleraOne.

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