Global tablet audience to total one billion this year

That means tablet usage will grow by more than 19 per cent this year, and by 2019, eMarketer estimates, 1.51 billion people around the world will use tablets monthly. eMarketer previously forecast a worldwide tablet population of 1.06 billion for this year, and has revised current figures downward. However, we expect growth this year and in the near future to be faster than our previous forecast predicted.

Asia-Pacific will be home to the largest number of tablet users in the world, with 458.7 million expected this year. The region will pass the half-billion mark in 2016 and boast more than three-quarters of a billion tablet users by 2019, the end of our forecast period. Penetration, however, is below-average in Asia-Pacific, both as a percentage of internet users and as a percentage of the total population in the region. By these metrics, North America has the clear edge, followed by Western Europe. These are the only two regions where more than three in 10 internet users have regular access to tablets.


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