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Ebner Verlag appoints Jens Gerlach as group publisher of the watch media

Jens Gerlach ()

Effective April 1, 2017, Jens Gerlach became group publisher and took over responsibility for all activities involving the theme of watches in Ebner Verlag and its shareholdings. In particular, Gerlach takes responsibility for the commercial management of Watchtime USA. 

Roger Rüegger, in his capacity as managing director of Ebner Publishing International, will report directly to Jens Gerlach, who is also responsible for all license agreements, regardless of whether they relate to Chronos or Watchtime. 

The watch-media division had previously operated on three different pillars:

  • The Ulm-based target-group unit of “watches,” responsible for the German-language watch media, Chronos China, and the two English-language blogs fratellowatches.com and watch-insider.com;
  • Watchtime USA, based in New York, responsible for the English-language watch media and for the license agreements of Watchtime’s license holders;
  • Alongside these, there are also Chronos license holders, who are managed from Germany.

Increasing international networking, along with all watch-related themes on the supply and demand side, as well as in-house systems and organisation make it necessary to terminate this threefold division and to combine strengths. In his post as group publisher, Jens Gerlach will be responsible for all three pillars in the future.

Assisted by Rüdiger Bucher, Jens Gerlach will now coordinate all commercial and journalistic affairs of all watch-related activities of the Ebner publishing companies.

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