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How magazines have turned over a new leaf

From printed page to web page, the medium has been reinvented, says Immediate Media's Tom Bureau.

When Media Week launched in February 1985, Radio Times welcomed a new BBC show called EastEnders on to our screens. Thirty years on, EastEnders is still serving at the Queen Vic – and Radio Times is more successful than ever.

Radio Times is Britain’s best-selling quality magazine. Today, its journalism reaches more people in more ways than ever before – and it has never been more profitable.

As well as a print product that sells more copies than The Sunday Times every week, Radio Times has a digital business that goes significantly beyond showcasing irresistible stories and interviews. It also provides online services and functionality that put it in the middle of the TV tech ecosystem.

Alongside the DiscoverTV app and digital editions, attracts seven million unique users per month, reaching a young audience that complements the magazine.

Growth is rapid at 60 per cent year on year. And we think the market for Radio Times is big – if you love high-quality television, film and radio entertainment, and use a browser, you should be using Radio Times.

Source: Media news & media jobs

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