Innovation 2016 chapter: How micropayments can deliver new revenue, readers and insights

Blendle’s approach showed that not only will young people pay for content, they really will read it on their smartphones, but only quality content, and only if they can get their money back if they don’t like what you sold them. 

Innovation micropayments ()

The Innovation micropayment chapter download looks at the lessons publishers can learn from the Blendle experience including:

1 – Micropayments for journalism can work, but not for news

2 – Readers punish clickbait creators by demanding refunds

3 – Micropayments are a great measure of quality. Publishers and journalists can now see what kind of stories attract paying customers and what type of stories get the most refund requests

4 – Micropayment revenue is additional revenue, not cannibalism.

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Order the Innovation 2016-2017 World Report.

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The Innovation Report is a survey prepared by the Innovation Media Consulting Group for FIPP – the network for global media. John Wilpers and Juan Señor, editors of the book, are available to present the case studies included in the report to your teams at your companies. If you wish to bring innovation home, or want to buy a bulk order at discounted rates, please contact Helen Bland at FIPP.

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