Innovative Will Smith helmed docuseries Welcome to Earth lands on Disney+ in December

Following on from the success of The Beatles Get Back, The Secrets of the Whales and The Hostile Planet, Disney+ continues to roll out the docuseries with the launch of Welcome to Earth in December.

Billed by its makers, which includes National Geographic, as a nature series meets action film Welcome to Earth stars Hollywood mega celebrity Will Smith venturing to some of the  spectacular places on the planet

The series was executive produced by Jane Root from Nutopia and Academy-Award nominated filmmaker Darren Aronofsky. 

Its makers claim that the show “will keep you at the edge of your seat as you watch Will venture from the depths of roaring volcanoes to deserts that move beyond our perception and animal swarms with minds of their own.” 

Smith says of the series “this was a whole new world for me. Growing up in the city, I wasn’t exposed to a ton of nature—especially not like this.”

The series, which took over two years to make, encompassed 92 shoots in 34 countries on all seven continents. Over 700 crew and production team members from around the world worked on the series, some partly during the pandemic.

Image – National Geographic for Disney+/ Kyle Christy


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