Is your brand meeting its end-of-year sales goals?

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It’s that time of year again: the holidays are upon us, which means one thing to brands: one final push to meet those lofty end-of-year sales goals.

Sure, your brand’s holiday ad budget may already be allocated, but there’s still time to influence consumers during this peak pulse period.

Brands need new ways to break through the noise, especially this time of year. With banners not performing like they used to, promoting content on editorial sites and apps puts your brand front and center at the point of decide for consumers.

By using incremental funding or reallocating marketing funds toward native ads, this can be your brand’s opportunity to drive incremental sales this holiday season.

Hey Big Spender

The holidays are especially important for CPG brands like Nestle, Kraft and Heinz.

Consumer spending on home entertaining during the holidays is projected to increase by 22 per cent in 2015, according to a Deloitte study, while US consumers will spend an average of US$194 to entertain at home.

Thanksgiving is the blockbuster, costing hosts $50 on average, followed by Christmas and Hanukkah, respectively.

The Right Time For Native

Native ads work and they work on mobile, where traditional ads are less effective.

Mobile devices are the primary way people plan, research and cook during the holidays.

During Thanksgiving, 44 per cent of people will use their mobile device to search for recipes. We know moms still do a lot of the cooking for families and when it comes to reaching the highly sought after Millennial mom segment, 76 per cent look up recipes online.

For CPG brands, it comes to two key objectives: getting your products on the shopping list and influencing shoppers at the shelf.

From planning to cooking to eating and entertaining, if you understand how to make it a stress-free holiday, you’ll have no problem capturing holiday shopper dollars.

Make It On The List

During the holidays, the home cook’s activity is centered around Pinterest and blogs.

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