Video: Juan Senor on innovation in magazine media

This year, an Innovation Forum will take place at the FIPP World Congress being held in in Toronto, Canada on the 13-15 October. The report’s editors, John Wilpers and Juan Senor of Innovation Media Consulting, will put its words into practice with a hands-on seminar introducing industry professionals to the latest innovations in media. 

We caught up with Juan earlier this year at the DIS to find out more about the latest trends, and what could be in store for those attending in Toronto.  

This year in Toronto we’re going to have a hands-on seminar focussing on innovation (0:06)

All the findings of our book, which we publish every year, will be gone into in tremendous depth in Toronto. This will be a chapter by chapter opportunity to really drill down into what makes something work and what doesn’t make it work. So we will look at case studies, we will also give a lot of advice based on our experience.  

Mobile will become the dominant platform in this industry (1:05)

These are basically roads that you have to travel along any route that you want to take through towards innovation. Mobile is becoming the dominant platform for this industry – it seems as it’s a no brainer, but the implications are quite strong for any publisher in terms of how they have to reorganise their entire business. So mobile will become the dominant platform.

Video, programmatic, native and data are key (1:31)

Of all the ‘languages’… video, the audio/visual aspect of it is becoming one of the most important, one of the dominant themes. Programmatic is becoming the main way that ad-space is being sold. Native advertising, or branded content, is becoming a huge source of revenue along with events. And finally data – for the first time we are narrowing down from the big data, the small data that really matters and makes a difference to businesses. 

The research is very much based on our own experience – we take best practice, and we try to introduce it to other clients around the world (2:22)

This book really emanates from our work as consultants. We work with leading companies all over the world in the magazine industry, in the newspaper industry, to help them reinvent their titles, so that they become relevant and successful in the digital age. So our research is very much based on our experience, and the case studies that we do are very applicable to other experiences worldwide. So we take best practice, and we try to introduce it to other clients around the world. 

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