Last minute? Final tickets available – venue now very near capacity

We are now nearing capacity for the FIPP World Media Congress venue in Cascais and may have to close registrations in the next week or so. If you still want to join, please register ASAP.

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We have mentioned the advantages of attending Congress in-person before, so we will not labour you with the same information. Suffice it to say:

  • You’ll be part of a group of participants from more than 35 countries;
  • You’ll have access to content from more than 70 speakers;
  • You’ll be able to explore solutions from more than 30 partners;
  • You’ll learn, connect, network and have conversations that may lead to pleasantly surprising results; and
  • You’ll have time out from your day-to-day job to consider and devise plans for the future.

For more and the agenda, speakers, partners and venue, visit the FIPP Congress website.

If you are already registered, remember that our Congress online community and Dealroom platform for scheduling meetings are now live. Our Congress catch-up video library — with some pre-loaded content will launch soon.

Fun Portugal fact:

The world’s oldest dog turned 31 recently.

Bobi lives in Portugal.

While we cannot guarantee that coming to Congress in Portugal will help you live longer, experiencing Cascais with colleagues worldwide will most certainly be worth your while.

Get your tickets before sales close.

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See you in Cascais!

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