Leading global security voices convene for discussions at the Axel Springer Journalist Club

WORLD.MINDS GEOPOLITICS, an event that Axel Springer has held a majority share in since the beginning of 2022, took place in Berlin earlier this week. Around 130 international individuals from the worlds of politics, science, business and beyond came together to discuss key global security questions such as: 

  • What will Europe’s security architecture look like when the Russian war against Ukraine is over? 
  • What military infrastructure is needed? 
  • How can we prevent hunger from being used as a weapon? 

Speakers included the likes of General David Petraeus – former CIA Director, Kadri Simson – EU Commissioner for Energy, and the former Chair of the UN Security Council,  Kishore Mahbubani

Rolf Dobelli, Founder and co-Managing Director of WORLD.MINDS, said: “WORLD.MINDS is a community that brings together the cleverest minds to explore the most urgent issues of our times. Thanks to the collaboration with Axel Springer, we can now go far beyond the Swiss borders to promote an international exchange of ideas between science, economy and politics. WORLD.MINDS GEOPOLITICS as a strong forum in Berlin is only the start.” 

The World Minds community is made up of more than 1,000 participants, and through its network and events promotes an exchange of essential new knowledge in business, geopolitics, and research – you can find out more here


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