LinkedIn redesigns Pulse to give your news a human touch

The previous version of Pulse had a more RSS-like model, with a nearly endless stream of stories from all the publishers you followed. The new Pulse features a cleaner design, which is more in line with LinkedIn’s other apps.

The home page of the app now displays a feed of personalised stories based on data from your LinkedIn profile. The app uses information like your job title, industry, company and connections to surface stories it thinks will be most relevant to you. The publishers you followed on the previous version of the app will be taken into account in Pulse’s recommendations.

If the app detects a particular article is popular within a company similar to the one you work at, for example, the app may surface it in your feed. Or, if someone at another company with a similar job title shares a story, Pulse may pull it into your feed as well. You may also see stories shared or written by your connections.

Source: Mashable

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