Media companies must partner with digital companies to remain nimble for the future

In order to help media companies unravel the complexity and diversity of the London start-up scene (one of the best in the world), FIPP has created the London Start-Up Tour, where you will meet the most relevant start-up companies in London, influencing the media world today. 

Christine Huntingford, vice president, FIPP who is working with The Accelerator Network to create the Tour explains why media companies cannot afford to miss these three days in London next month.

We all know that knowing about and adapting to digital trends and technologies is imperative. We have sifted through the London scene to bring the most exciting and relevant companies changing the way in which we operate.

We have Unruly and Touchcast reinforcing the future of video and its importance to our business.

Do you want to know how you can have better targeted advertising? We have got it covered with Adludio and Adavow.

Do you need to know more about Native Ads and Programmatic Advertising? We have people solely dedicated to that.

Find out some of the latest apps that are taking off and get up close with the creators of WhichIt and Sliide.

And there will be so many insights and future trends discussed, that you will have a tough choice deciding what to do first when you return to work.

Download the London Start-up Tour Programme.

One thing that is absolutely clear is that partnerships are key to the future for media companies How we use these exciting platform will only become ever more important, as we learn how they work now and how we can change and evolve them to be better for the future. And the way in which we work with third parties is changing too, partnerships are key, purchasing companies with the skill-set to bring in house is becoming more prevalent as we grow into unknown spaces.

So if you want to get up close and personal with the brightest minds changing the way media companies will operate – get in there first with the FIPP London Start-Up Tour on 16-18 November.

Be sure not to miss out, it’s only one month away! BOOK NOW!

If you have any questions, simply email Christine Huntingford and/or Jenny Stubbs.

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