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How Adavow is solving one of advertising’s big issues – eliminating waste in online advertising

Adavow will feature on the FIPP London Start-up Tour, which will allow you to get up close and personal with the London media and digital scene and introduce you to leaders in the industry.

AdTech startup, Adavow, uses a cloud-based platform to significantly reduce the number of advertisements served to consumers who have already purchased a product or similar product from a competitor. 

Founder, David M. Brown, came up with the concept in 2013 after his own personal frustration of remarketing. In 2015, the emerging and independent company, Adavow, was officially founded.  

David took the time to speak to Danielle Ricketts about Adavow, detailing the benefits for magazine media companies, ahead of his appearance at FIPP’s London Start-up Tour this November. 

As founder of Adavow, what encouraged you to create the cloud-based platform?

I came up with the idea for Adavow in 2013 when I was implementing a CRM system for one of my clients. After deciding on a platform, I continued to receive huge amounts of remarketing from the other solutions I had investigated, as well as a lot of ads from the CRM company that I had chosen. I thought, ‘surely they of all people should know I’m already a customer!’

What is the main aim of Adavow?

Adavow is in the business of eliminating waste in online advertising.

Why would magazine media companies benefit from using Adavow? 

Media companies and publishers benefit from the use of Adavow’s platform through improved brand affinity from users because of less annoying and intrusive advertising.

What is the main advantage of Adavow for magazine media companies? 

Adavow enables all types of publishers to select ad networks and advertisers who can deliver higher quality advertising by reducing the sheer volume of ‘wasted’ ads shown to users on their sites. 

By reducing the number of redundant ads, the publisher will benefit from higher overall conversion rates from their users, leading to increased revenue from their inventory.

What makes Adavow different from others in the market?

Adavow is the only solution that is completely agnostic in its gathering and sharing of data. It has no financial ties to any part of the digital advertising ecosystem – merchants, ad networks (and remarketers), agencies and/or publishers.

Being completely independent from all other organisations allows us to maintain a neutral position in the market, providing critical information to all participants equally. 

Why are you excited about meeting FIPP's delegates on the London Start-up Tour in November?

Meeting FIPP delegates at the Start-up Tour in London will give us a great opportunity to educate publishers on the pitfalls of allowing badly targeted advertising on their sites, help them understand (in plain English) the technicalities of the problem, and provide information on how to improve the situation.

The FIPP London Start-up Tour will take place on 16-18 November 2015. Other companies already confirmed on the Tour include:

Adoreboard - social analytics business working with leading advertisers to help measure and optimise audience sentiment

EmailSwitchBoard - behavioural data over-laid onto email 

OnScroll - ad serving optimisation

Openr - content marketing to drive subscriptions

Sliide - provides users with a personalised story feed on their Android phone, featuring news stories, other content and offers

TouchCast  - is a new medium that looks like video, but feels like the web. 


Join FIPP for the London Start-up Tour at the Early Bird Rate. If you book by 31 August, you will save at least £450 off the normal rate. The fee includes two nights in a London hotel.

Places are limited as we want to keep the group intimate and interactive. We want you to benefit from the visits with the start-ups - having the opportunity to engage directly with them and have all your questions answered... This is not possible if the group is too large.

Be sure not to miss out - BOOK NOW!

If you have any questions, simply email Christine Huntingford and/or Jenny Stubbs.

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