Media’s Future: New FIPP and UPM white paper to launch next week

Revenue models. The way we work. Sustainability. Print. The best way to tell a story. As many parts of the world begin to look around the corner beyond the pandemic, these topics will be key for media organisations. This is the basis of a new FIPP white paper, Media’s Future in a Post-Covid World, launching on Tuesday 7 September in partnership with UPM Communication Papers.

The pandemic has been a “super-charged Darwinian event” for the industry, the paper begins, and has precipitated various extinctions and evolutions. Flexibility has therefore become a necessary adaptation, and those companies that have managed to manoeuvre through the difficulties have emerged stronger, often with a more focused mission and healthier workplace culture. And most significantly, they’ve found a hungry audience that is more than willing to pay for quality content.

Watch this space for next week’s white paper, which will cover:

  • Why post-pandemic working habits will take a while to stabilise;
  • The factors driving subscriptions success;
  • How print can capitalise on its in-built credibility;
  • Which company emits amounts of CO2 equivalent to New Zealand’s;
  • What a “whale” is, and why you need to identify yours ASAP;
  • Why video storytelling is going to grow even more by 2022;
  • What the GHG Protocol is, and how it can benefit your company;
  • Who long-form and short-form journalism appeals to most, and how to engage those audiences;
  • … and much, much more.


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