“Millennials are tech savvy, fast-paced, enthusiastic individuals” says FIPP’s Rising Star Samantha Freedman

Samantha Freedman was shortlisted to the top 12 in FIPP’s Rising Stars in Media Award 2015. FIPP’s Rising Stars in Media is a new initiative that was launched in 2015 that seeks to recognise exceptional young talent within the international magazine media industry, across any discipline.

Tell us a little about your journey into the magazine media industry.

I took a bit of an untraditional route to get my job. After completing an art foundation course at Kingston University I decided to explore the working world with various internships, instead of opting to take part in a degree. I was keen to start work as soon as possible and I loved the idea of exploring different fields before settling on a final job. I worked in various different industries, which included advertising, fashion, public relations and beauty editorial. After an internship in the beauty department at British Vogue (what a place to start) I knew that this was what I wanted to do, and managed to land further placements at Grazia UK, Harpers Bazaar UK and then Tatler, where I was Beauty Assistant. I stayed at the monthly magazine for a year, then moved on to Stylist and then to LOOK Magazine, where I have been for the last five years. 

What do you think of FIPP’s Rising Stars in Media Award? 

I feel truly honored that I have been nominated for such a prestigious award – in fact I can’t quiet believe I made the top 12! It’s really amazing to know that all the work I put in is being recognised by an inspiring judging panel. 

How important is it to recognise and listen to the millennials voice?

Extremely important. The industry has changed dramatically over the last five years, and that has been driven by a much younger audience. I would have never thought a few years ago that we would be getting inspiration from the sources we do now. No one could have predicted the trends, icons and influences that are changing the world today. 

Has the fact that you are one of our 30 Rising Stars in 2015, made any impact on you or your role?

It makes me feel very proud to be recognised and I definitely feel like my company acknowledges the impact I’m making on the industry on behalf of their brand, which is a great feeling. 

Have you had recognition from your company for this accolade?

Our managing director congratulated me, which was really special. 

What are your views, as a millennial, on the future of the industry?

I believe they are the future. Millennials are tech savvy, fast-paced, enthusiastic individuals and my team now consists of only millennials. It helps keep our content new and fresh and always on trend, which is perfect as that is exactly who our readers are and what they want to read.

What advice would you give to any millennial peers who are considering entering the Rising Stars next year?

To do it. Apply. Take the time to do it because it’s a great achievement. Do it for yourself, to make you feel proud. Do if to get the acknowledgement you deserve from your company, and do it to make your family proud. My dad was so over the moon that I was nominated I think he sent an email to his entire email address book. 

Anything else you would like to add?

This is the first year of the FIPP Rising Stars in Media – it would be amazing if the word could be spread about what they are and who they stand for, to really increase their prestigious title further. 

Rising Stars ()

Rising Stars 2016 

FIPP wants to continue to discover and recognise those individuals under the age of 30 in media companies across the globe that are demonstrating outstanding talent and developing remarkable initiatives.

From this, FIPP will create a ‘Rising Stars List’ and share their initiatives, success stories and, of course, their profiles with the global magazine media community. 

FIPP’s Rising Stars in Media list will recognise people who work in the industry – whether this is a full-time/part-time employee or a freelancer – and who in the past 12 months has proved to deliver above and beyond what was expected.

Entries will open again in January 2016.

Read what some global media leaders have to say about the Awards. 

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