More magazines go digital-only

Citing a barrage of research stating the obvious—that teens all but live online—the company has decided to end print publication of M and Twist and go digital-only.

The two titles’ final print editions will be the January/February issues.

Going forward, J14 will be Bauer’s only remaining teen-focused print title. In the announcement introducing the change, group publisher David Gorin said, “There has always been great synergy among J14, M and Twist on the print side, and we are now rolling them all into one strong publication (J14).”

The long-term prospects for teen print titles have been questionable for some time. Teens simply aren’t that into print.

Bauer notes Pew Research Center data that finds three-quarters of teens have their own or have access to a smartphone, and 92 per cent say they go online daily, including 24 per cent who describe their online activities as “constant.”

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Source: Media Life Magazine

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