[Webinar video] MPA Factbook 2020: Covid-19 accelerates advertiser shift from print to digital

In the latest webinar in the FIPP Insider series, FIPP CEO James Hewes, is joined by Todd Krizelman of MediaRadar and Tamara Barbar of MRI-Simmons to discuss key findings from the MPA Factbook 2020 (which you can download here).

Highlights from the report include:

– The impact of COVID-19 on print advertising: Compared to January, 44 per cent fewer advertisers were seen in MPA magazines in June.

– Average spend holds steady: Average Spend per advertiser on MPA titles has been fairly consistent year-on-year. In fact, it was down only three per cent in June.

– MPA websites have seen the exact opposite trend to magazines, witnessing an explosion in the number of advertisers running on their websites amid the pandemic, especially as states re-open.

– More print advertisers also buying digital: 19.4 per cent of MPA print advertisers also bought on MPA websites in June – a proportion of almost 20 per cent.

“One thing that remains amazing about magazines,” said Todd Krizelman of MediaRadar on the webinar, “is that while we may talk about a sharp decline in print advertisers, they were mostly just moving their business to another part of the MPA market. So we saw a gigantic leap in the number of advertisers who ended up on MPA websites. Both programmatic and direct are up.”

The report also goes onto look at spending habits across the entire media sphere, including display, native, magazine, newspaper, and television, assessing the impact of Covid-19 on advertising distribution throughout media.

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