New DistriPress report examines evolution from supply-chains to networks

DistriPress – the global association for the print circulation and distribution sector – has unveiled a new report, examining the evolution of global supply-chains. Titled ‘Data-Driven Supply in Newspapers & Magazines: Using data to morph from chains into networks’, the study shows how the role and power of data has become critical in the modern content distribution pipeline.

Authored by Wessenden Marketing, the report opens: ‘It is now central to the future of the whole Newspaper & Magazine (N&M) industry to help create better products & services, and to deliver those products & services in the most efficient and user-friendly ways to the end consumer.’ 

‘The current challenge is that there is simply too much data, often held in isolated pools and providing only partial insights into a much bigger picture of an increasingly complex consumer. There is a race on to join up the data dots and to leverage real value from the process. The players who get there first will exert much more control over the supply pipelines.’

In addition to taking a macro view of the newspaper & magazine data network today, the study also hones in on six specific topics: 

  • Moving from physical supply chains to data networks
  • The evolution of publishing and its supply processes
  • Moving from a supply chain to multiple fulfilment networks
  • Multiple content products for the Complex Consumer
  • The Complex Consumer: 6 big drivers
  • A deeper dive: digital editions

Especially post-pandemic, supply chains and their processes are changing rapidly, and smarter usage of data opens up all kinds of possibilities. This is not only in relation to running existing operations more efficiently and profitably, but also developing new ways of delivering content to consumers, who themselves are changing rapidly.

You can find out more about the report – and DistriPress at large – here


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