New Echobox white papers look at social media benchmarks for publishers in 2023

Content in Spanish and English derive the most pageviews on Twitter, sport and health stories have high click through rates on Facebook and UK publishers have the highest ratio of social pageviews from LinkedIn. These are some of the main findings in three new white papers published by Echobox covering 2023 social media benchmarks for publishers.

The Twitter Pageviews white paper – which looks at the percentage of social traffic derived from Twitter by media organisations publishing different content types – arrives at a time when the platform is undergoing a significant upheaval under new ownership, from a paid-for model for blue tick verification to the demise of Moments. 

Despite this uncertainty, Echobox analysis shows Twitter remains an effective tool for businesses hoping to increase brand visibility, boost audience engagement, generate click-throughs or grow subscriber numbers.  

To conduct the study, Echobox analysed pageview data over six months for more than 600 Twitter pages, from 21 countries and in 11 languages. 

The results indicate that on average, Twitter generates 6.7% of all social referral traffic. News verticals do especially well, while content in Spanish and English derive the most social pageviews.

The second white paper looks at Facebook click through rates (CTRs) to paint an accurate picture of how effective the platform is at generating click-throughs for publishers. For this study, Echobox analysed over 3,000 Facebook pages from hundreds of businesses all over the globe during a six-month period.  

The results show that the average CTR is 3% – up from 2.5% in 2021. Sport and health content have the highest CTRs. The study also indicated that CTRs are higher pretty much across the board (content vertical, country and language) when compared with 2021. 

“CTRs can vary significantly between businesses depending on their content vertical, country, and language,’” the white paper concludes. “Multiple factors can impact a post’s CTR such as the post’s content, formatting, the timing of the post, audience demographics and behaviours, wider platform trends, and more. Moreover, the factors impacting a post’s CTR can change from day to day, even minute to minute. 

“With the enormous number of potential customers on social platforms, increasing click-through traffic on posts remains a vital objective in any social media strategy.” 

The third white paper looks at what percentage of social media traffic LinkedIn drives for publishers. Echobox used data from over 100 LinkedIn pages, in three languages and five countries to produce a comprehensive account of how LinkedIn performs against other platforms in driving traffic for different content verticals, languages and countries.

The results show the average percentage of social traffic driven by LinkedIn is 1.5%, the ‘general’ content vertical has the highest average CTR (2.49%) and UK publishers have the highest ratio of social pageviews from LinkedIn (22.87%).

You can download the Echobox white papers here.


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