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Wolfgang Zehrt is founder and managing director of the DNA Institute, an active player in the VDAs (Virtual Digital Assistants) market that currently produces around 25,000 pieces of Alexa and Google content weekly. You can now download our new report authored by Zehrt, which looks at the six key steps towards creating your first voice skills. 

Experts believe that by 2022, voice search will account for half of the global search market. The growing rate for audio devices is around 40-50 per cent each year, with the market share of VDAs growing faster than the growth of iPhones has ever been. Especially in Africa, Middle East and Asia, millions of people will start their mobile internet experience from the beginning with audio control, rather than typing something in a very small window, and monetisation of audio is coming. 

“Intelligent assistants (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Samsung Bixby) will ultimately sit inside many other devices – smartphones, cars, televisions, even microwaves and fridges. We will increasingly use our voice to control devices and access media, because it is a quicker and more convenient input for many purposes than touchscreens or remote controls. The output is a more complex story and depending on the context may often need to involve screen display of some kind”

– Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism


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The How to start your voice digital assistant skills report looks at the practical steps that publishers can take along the road to developing meaningful and engaging voice content. It also provides insights into the ways in which media owners can monetise this content, and the current ways in which consumers are using VDA platforms. Through the report, FIPP members can also gain access to a 33 per cent discount on voice content development and natural text generation. To download your copy click here.



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