New Zephr e-guide looks at ways to engage Gen-Z

With Gen-Z set to become one of the largest future paying audiences for news, it’s crucial that publishers continue to appeal to these young readers.

To help media companies engage effectively with ‘Zoomers’, subscription management platform Zephr has released a new e-guide delving deep into the preferences, differences, and needs that make the generation unique.

The guide explores cultural shifts, behavioural dynamics, and values of Gen-Z, and explains the reasoning behind some of the recent trends in terms of social channels, content types, and advertising strategies.

Among a wealth of information, the guide shows how leading publishers are adjusting their social strategy for better Gen-Z acquisition and contains real-world examples of adapted advertising strategies designed to appeal to Zoomers.

Publishers can also learn how to build a subscription model that works for Gen-Z, find out why personalisation is taking centre stage for younger readers, and discover five key steps to future-proofing their business.

“There are intricacies and nuances with every generation, and to make content relevant, adapting strategies is essential to longevity,” the report points out. “If digital publishers want to better meet the needs of Gen-Z readers, it pays to do so in an authentic way. This younger generation is quick to spot companies that don’t live up to their stated values, which can lead to a loss of trust, followers, and ultimately, customers.”

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