Pandemic a unique opportunity to change our relationships with work – TIME cover story

For this week’s , author and former editor of the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Joanne Lipman writes on how, as the post-pandemic great reopening unfolds, millions of people are reassessing their relationship with their job. 

As we’ve written about here at FIPP, Lipman says: “For many, this has become a moment to literally redefine what is work … We have an unprecedented opportunity right now to reinvent, to create workplace culture almost from scratch.” 

Lipman continues: “the pandemic has masked a deep unhappiness that a startling number of Americans have with the ­workplace … Multiple surveys suggest Americans are eager to work remotely at least part of the time—the ideal consensus seems to be coalescing around three days in the office and two days remote.

“The hybrid model comes with its own complexities,” she continues. “Yet if it’s done correctly, there’s a chance to bring balance back into our lives, to a degree that we haven’t seen at least since the widespread adoption of email and cell phones. Not just parents but all employees would be better off with more flexible time to recharge, exercise and, oh yeah, sleep.

“There are plenty of other ideas out there, and a popular groundswell of support for flexibility and life balance that makes sense for all of us. Will we get there, or will we slide back into our old ways? That’s on us. Companies that don’t reinvent may well pay the price, losing top talent to businesses that do.” 

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