Publishers receive an average view rate of 12.5% on videos posted to Facebook, according to Echobox

New research published by Echobox, an AI-powered publishing solution, shows that publishers across all verticals, countries and publication types record an average view rate of 12.5% on videos posted to Facebook. Analysis included 150,000 videos from 273 global publishers over a one year period. 

The average view rate, calculated by measuring how often videos in shares were viewed compared to how often they were presented (impressions) in organic posts, was calculated according to publisher type, content vertical, language and country. The study also found that Facebook videos achieve a higher average view rate (12.5%) compared to average click-through rate on link posts (2.5%), highlighting the effectiveness of video in terms of engagement.

Key findings from the report include:

  • View rate varies by country, with videos posted by publishers in the US achieving view rates of 13.8% – over 6 percentage points higher than the country with the lowest view rate, the Netherlands (7.6%).
  • Conversely, the US, the country with the highest video view rate in this analysis, recorded one of the lowest average click-through rates on link posts (1.9%), suggesting users’ higher propensity to engage with publishers’ video content on Facebook than to click through to publishers’ websites.
  • Spanish-language videos produced the best results of all languages studied, with an average view rate of 14.6%
  • Facebook videos posted by National News publishers had a significantly higher average view rate (15.7%) than any other publisher vertical.

Antoine Amann, CEO of Echobox, said: “Given the resources required to create quality video content at scale, many publishers wonder if it’s worth investing significantly in video, and how their videos should be performing on social media. With these benchmarks, publishers can – for the first time – understand how well their Facebook video content performs compared to the industry average.”

You can download the full whitepaper here.  


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