How the pursuit of creativity is driving business results

Step forward the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. On an annual basis, the world’s biggest brands gather annually to hear the most innovative idea and creative concepts and learn how to apply this to their business. Today, Emma Farmer, festival director, Dubai Lynx International Festival of Creativity explained to delegates at FIPP’s Middle East and Africa event in Dubai just why creativity matters.

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Born in 2007, the Dubai event is a sister to the festival in Cannes. “Our audience are campaigners for creativity, for change, and for business,” said Farmer. “There is a link between creativity and effectiveness, which links into business, and this is why clients come to our festivals.” 

“It’s the place to discover the best ideas and the people behind the best ideas. Brands need to keep up with the pace, because it’s true that you sell more at higher prices if you’re really creative.”

Farmer said a company’s share price “outperforms” when they are creative, and used brands such as Unilever, Volkswagen and P&G to illustrate this point.

But creativity doesn’t always come naturally. Key themes of last year’s conference were ‘product’, ‘culture’ and ‘disruption’, according to Farmer, as well as a desire to learn how to be more creative. “There used to be two types of clients: Those who wanted to be creative and those who weren’t bothered. Now they all want to be creative, but some just haven’t figured out how yet,” said Farmer.

“It’s clear that the pursuit of of creativity is driving business results,” concluded Farmer.

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