Q3 Digital Subscription Snapshot now launched

The latest instalment of the FIPP Global Digital Subscription Snapshot, produced in partnership with Piano, has now been published and can be downloaded by members here. In introducing the report, FIPP President & CEO, James Hewes, provides a candid assessment of the subscription side of the industry today: 

“Just as we are starting to feel the chill of Winter approaching in the Northern Hemisphere, so perhaps we are also starting to feel the chill of the approaching freeze in digital subscriptions,” writes Hewes. “Growth for most brands remains healthy, with period-on-period gains of 5% or more for many – but this is significantly down on the position at the same time last year, when low double-digit growth might have been expected each quarter.”

“Some of this is down to the growing maturity of the market. Many brands have been doing digital subscriptions for 5 years or more, and some for longer than that. In these circumstances, it is inevitable that growth percentages will begin to decline.”

The Q3 2022 incarnation of the report also marks the first time we’ve published practical insights into successful subscription development, alongside global subscriber figures. Provided by Piano, the data hones-in on key areas where the subscriptions process can be optimised, from engaging users to managing churn. 

It’s a timely update, which examines both the publishing and streaming side of the sector, as Netflix announces its new ad-supported model, which will be available from November. 

Further information, including download, can be found here.


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