A closer look at Rodale’s new online learning platform

What’s the rationale behind Rodale U?

We are always looking at opportunities to provide our audience with content and tools to live healthier, happy lives. Rodale U provides a deep, rich multimedia experience on specific topics of interest. 

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Who is Rodale U aimed at?

Rodale U is aimed at Rodale’s core audience – people who turn to our brands for our trusted content and authoritative voice in the health and fitness space.

What form does Rodale U take? How tos? Lectures? Slides shows? Presentations? Audio? Video?

Rodale U will provide consumers with a fully integrated program that includes video, text, slideshows, audio, social and instructor interaction, quizzes and workbooks. Courses will be led by in-house experts and editors from the Rodale family of brands. The courses also include access to experts in specific fields and forums for other like-minded users to hold discussions. 

Which elements work best for online learning? Text? Images? Video? Audio?

We are testing a lot and with each course will learn what the right content mix is, type and length. We expect different topics will require a different mix of content types.

Which brands have you launched Rodale U with?

Men’s Health and Runner’s World are the first to launch, Bicycling, Women’s Health and Prevention will come out in the coming months. We are also working with our book authors to expand some of our book offerings.

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Is the online learning paid-for, or available to existing subscribers? If so, what are the price points?

It’s an a la carte model for the courses we rolled out. Price points are ranging from US$20-300 depending on course length.

Is the content for Rodale U repackaged from your brands, or is it new?

The courses consist of new content, in addition to repackaged content from across our brands.  What’s great is that all Rodale U courses will be designed to be completed at an individual pace.

Did you develop a specific team for Rodale U, or are you using existing staff?

We worked with our existing staff to create and package the content for the courses. We also partnered with Thought Industries, an online learning platform that customises content. 

What do you hope to achieve with Rodale U?

Over the past three years there has been tremendous growth in consumer learning—a new segment of online learning and commerce, where individuals are turning to their trusted brands, such as Rodale, to improve their lives and careers. Rodale U is another way for us to provide our customers with content and tools to live their best life.

How does Rodale U tie-in with your ecommerce activity?

As we improve our order management system, users will be able to purchase any product from Rodale, shirts, magazines, courses. 

Is Rodale U available only in the US? If so, do you have plans to branch out internationally with the platform?

Currently, Rodale U is only available in the US. We plan to expand our offerings internationally.

Why do you think magazine brands specifically are great online learning platforms?

Rodale is uniquely positioned given the health and wellness focus of our titles. Not every magazine has the same potential in this space. 

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