Award winning Spanish study measures quality of ad impact with luxury advertisers

Ibanez said that although consumers are “engaged with so many media/platforms/voices and connected at all times in all places,” the Q Factor study set out to prove that magazines are the most attractive medium to advertisers.

“Magazines are a credible source of information for consumers,” said Ibanez, “we are the best intermediary between the advertiser and consumer, and must not lose our role as a prescriber.”

Main goals of the Q Factor study

The study aimed to focus on way advertisers influence consumers and to quantify the quality of the ad impact of traditional media, focussing on specific campaigns.


The methodology took form of an initial workshop, in order to gain insight into quality beyond vision of the commercial and marketing teams, and this was done by by engaging journalists, stylists, etc.

Based on the workshop, a 30 question online questionnaire was sent to consumers in March last year, who purchased and read specialised magazines in any format over a three month period.

Main findings

  • People use magazines to be inspired, newspapers to get informed and TV to unwind
  • Undivided attention depends on the medium
  • Advertising is valued the most in magazines both as a source of inspiration and shopping ideas
  • Magazines are the media that provoke more action and engagement – 34 per cent of respondents were prompted to go to a brand’s website
Q Factor conclusions ()

What is a ‘quality’ impact?

Ibanez discussed what a ‘quality’ impact is composed of, and explained that there are four variables for this (and each has its own weighting): Quality (35 per cent), inspiration (35 per cent), prescription (15 per cent) and intention to buy (15 per cent).

From these variables, a total ranking was obtained and magazines came out on top. “Magazines are more qualitative than other media,” said Ibanez.

Moreover, Condé Nast conducted further research into high-end magazines with regards to premium and luxury advertising in these. “These consumers show a different attitude and opinion to mass market readers,” said Ibanez. “They pay more attention to advertising and buy after seeing an ad.”

Story by Amy Duffin.

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