Speaker presentations from the FIPP Insight Forum 2015

Speaker presentations from the FIPP Insight Forum held 18-19 May 2015 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

In session order. 


Flow magazine: Four main themes for Flow: live mindfully, spoil yourself, feel connected and simplify your life (video)

Joyce Nieuwenhuijs, Brand Director, Domain Women, Sanoma


What a media agency expects from magazine publishers

Bernard Cools, Deputy General Manager, Space, Belgium


Measuring the total audience of magazine & newspaper brands across platforms

How NOM, the national readership survey in The Netherlands, is addressing the problems in measuring brands’ total footprint across digital and print platforms. 

Irena Petric, Managing Director, NOM, The Netherlands

Best For Planning: online & print single-source

Extending Best For Planning to incorporate online audiences, yielding a single-source database for print and online campaign planning.

Andrea Treffenstadt, Research Project Manager, Axel Springer, Germany

Connected Consumers 2

Bigger and better audiences through multiple platforms.

Amanda Wigginton, Director of Insight, Time Inc, UK

Download the Connected Consumers video via the FIPP Resource Library

The Rules of Attraction 

How magazines enhance relationships between readers and advertisers 

David Brennan, Insight Consultant, Magnetic, UK


Auto Bild tablet study

The advertising impact of in-app tablet ads compared with print and websites.            

Anja Manouchehri, Project Manager, Axel Springer, Germany

Magazine websites: usage and perception

The content of magazine websites stands out as one of the most valuable of all media.            

Yolanda Ausin, General Director, ARI (Asociacion de Revistas de Informacion), Spain

Editorial content websites

Websites written by professional journalists offer a better advertising environment than other websites, and they influence positively the perception of brands advertised there.

Lutz Druge, Senior Director of Print & Digital Media, VDZ, Germany

The power of native

Native advertising works best on premium websites, such as magazine sites: a new survey from the UK Association of Online Publishers

Amanda Wigginton, Director of Insight, Time Inc, UK


Update on Australia’s mapp (Magazine Audience Performance Predictor)

Creating audience forecasts for current issues of magazines; reactions in marketplace. 

Justin Stone, Bauer Media, Australia (Presented by Guy Consterdine, CEO, Guy Consterdine Associates & FIPP Insight Consultant)

An ‘Extended Recent Reading’ model: the Greek experience

Using the Recent Reading technique to create a ‘virtual diary’ of magazine reading, to model the distribution through time of magazine ad exposures.

Peter Masson, Partner, Bucknull & Masson International, UK


Heavy readers = heavy influencers?

Semiometrie analysis shows a link between heavy readers and product purchase influencers.

Julie Majcherczyk, Senior Researcher, IP, Belgium

The Q Factor          

The quality of the ad impact in premium and luxury campaigns.          

Susana Ibanez, Advertising Marketing Director, Conde Nast, Spain

The strategic value of magazine advertising

Case studies from the Pulsar brand and media database

Bernard Cools, Deputy General Manager, Space, Belgium

Update on Meredith Sales Guarantee

Latest evidence of magazines’ ability to generate sales. Britta Cleveland, Senior VP, Research Solutions, Meredith Corporation, USA

(delivered by Guy Consterdine, CEO, Guy Consterdine Associates, and FIPP Insight Consultant)

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