[Download] Sustainability in publishing: Read how others in the industry are achieving maximum positive impact

UPM Sustainability in Publishing  ()

The global megatrends that are driving the need for sustainable development are population growth, urbanisation, climate change, digitalisation, and non-renewable resource depletion. The publishing industry is not immune to these. In fact, as a prime user of natural resources, responsible publishers today are increasingly asking what their role should be to meet sustainability challenges and with it achieve maximum positive impact.

To participate in this sustainability discussion, UPM – The Biofore Company, have collected real-world examples and first-hand interviews of world-leading publishers such as Axel Springer, Elle UK, Hearst UK, and the Economist Group. Their diverse actions to engage in sustainability are interesting and thought-provoking.

As a supplier to the publishing industry, UPM Communication Papers understands that the sustainability performance of its own suppliers impacts not only its clients but society at large.

To find out more, download “Sustainability in Publishing – Industry Case Stories”.


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