Swanest launches online investment assistant for business media with Mediafin

Swanest is a Belgian financial technology start-up that develops intelligent investment tools for private investors. The four founders started in late 2014 and challenged their initial idea to launch a robo-advisor in Europe. On its journey, Swanest was asked to help financial institutions to innovate their services, but chose to focus on business media instead.  

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“We’ve been approached by several banks, asset managers and brokers for partnerships. However, our mission has always been to empower investors and remain independent in the guidance we provide. Quality publishers share the same values., explains Silvan Schumacher, CEO of Swanest.

Today, Swanest is launching its new portfolio management solution for business media.

The tools of Swanest are designed for private investors, especially those interested in long-term investing. They help to build, analyse and manage portfolios consisting of any stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. Thereby, the algorithms crunch market data, apply financial theories and guide users in making better investment decisions.


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Mediafin is the first publisher to integrate the investment assistant the websites of its business newspapers  De Tijd and L’Echo.

“The digitisation brings challenges but also opportunities to the news media industry. Mediafin has always embraced innovation and focusing on the needs of one’s audience is thereby key to success.” says Frederik Delaplace, CEO of Mediafin. “Offering independent and high quality data and insights to the investors’ community is a goal Mediafin and Swanest share, which is why we chose to embark on this adventure.

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