The media weekly: Media firms twice as vulnerable to cyber-security threats, compared with other companies

The beat goes on this week as we stream our way through the summer, and security concerns sit at the heart of the industry. A new report shows that media companies are particularly susceptible to cyber-security threats, while Twitter’s own former Head of Security has exposed what he cites as serious malpractices within the company. 

Meanwhile, Yandex appears to be looking after its own safety by getting out of Dodge… and just in case all of this cyber-security chat is making you edgy, we also take a look at a musclebound Nicole Kidman on the cover of Perfect magazine, who should make you feel nice and safe! 

Cyber-security threats particularly prevalent within the media industry

Media firms are twice as vulnerable to cyber-attacks than the cross-sector average, according to new data produced by cyber-defence company BlueVoyant, and published here in Infosecurity magazine. Analysing 485 organizations from the media industry, the company found that 30% are currently exposed to compromise via vulnerabilities in their internet-facing, publicly accessible footprints.

At the beginning of the year, Portuguese media giant  Impresa was taken down by a cyber-attack, promoting a strong joint response from FIPP, EPC, ENPA, WAN-IFRA, & EMMA.

“The digital supply chain is a common attack vector not only for the media, but all industries,” Dan Vasile, VP of Strategic Development for BlueVoyant told Infosecurity Reporter, Phil Muncaster. 

And allegedly at Twitter as well

Cyber-security is also very much at the forefront of thoughts for Twitter this week, with former Head of Security, Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, blowing the whistle on alleged malpractice. Amongst a number of serious accusations (that were sent in formal written format to Congress last month), Zatko says that senior executives at Twitter are actively misleading its board about security vulnerabilities. 

Additionally, as reported here by CNN, one specific accusation provides particular food for thought: ‘one or more current employees may be working for a foreign intelligence service.’ 

Yandex heads for the hills

Russia of course is a place where media freedom has been all but decimated by Vladimir Putin in recent months and years, and as the Kremiln tightens its grip on accurate reporting, Russia’s largest internet company is now heading for the hills. Yandex – commonly referred to as the ‘Russian Google’ – is selling off its news and blogging services to Gazprom-owned, and state-controlled, social platform VK. 

The company’s role in the distribution of articles has become increasingly murky over time, with a news agenda that was already understood by many to be carefully created. The handover should finally put to bed the question of where the organisation’s allegiances lie, as the last flickers of accurate news reporting in the country fade out

The Perfect response from Nicole Kidman

Perfect magazine, an independent print and digital title that aims to reflect – and in part help redraw – the seismic shifts going on in the fashion industry today, has been hitting the headlines this week, via a new cover with Nicole Kidman.

Flexing her muscles in strongarm pose, the photography exudes modern day strength, giving a nod back to a shoot the star did for Vanity Fair earlier this year, after which she was criticised for appearing too exposed

And finally… ⛳️

As if they weren’t making enough money on the golf course already, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have teamed up to launch a new platform. TMRW Sports is set to bring ‘progressive approaches to sports, media and entertainment’ and in a statement distributed by press release and published here in Golf Digest, Woods said: 

“I am excited to work with TMRW Sports in bringing people more access to sports. So many athletes, entertainers and people I meet from all walks of life share our passion for sports, but they also share our desire to build a better future for the next generation of sports fans. Together, we can harness technology to bring fresh approaches to the sports we love.”


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