Time Inc.’s mobile-first auto site The Drive has officially launched

The publishing company’s venture into the car space comes as it consolidates its native ad studio, content marketing unit and new editorial verticals like The Drive under The Foundry’s roof, which will move to Time Inc.’s new office in Brooklyn later this year to “encourage a highly creative and innovative environment.”

Mike Guy, who previously served as digital director of Maxim, will serve as The Drive’s editor while former deputy editor of BBC Autos Jonathan Schultz is joining to take on the same role. The site has a team of 15 editorial staffers, with two of them focused on video.

Matt Bean, Time Inc’s senior vice president of editorial innovation, told The Drum that working alongside the technologists, writers, and developers that make up The Foundry’s content unit will help The Drive work towards its goal of “being able to leverage those teams when warranted to both bring content to our readers and serve the needs of our advertising partners.”

He also said The Drive aims to cover the automotive sector in a way that other publications are not, taking the focus away from what happens in the garage or on the track and instead focusing on trends and elements that young people are curious about.

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Source: What’s New in Publishing

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