UPM webinar: How healthy forests and high-quality paper can go hand in hand

Producing high-quality paper in a sustainable way, designing a climate-fit approach to forestry, and what this could mean for industry are the topics of an upcoming webinar hosted by UPM Communication Papers, on 8 December at 10:00 Central European Time (CET).

Climate and wider environmental protection are now determining factors in almost every global industry. As a result, the demands of customers and the rules set by authorities are becoming increasingly strict. Paper, therefore, must be produced in a sustainable way. But how?

The webinar will take a deep-dive into sustainable and climate-fit forestry, looking at the facts and figures and providing examples to show how paper production and climate-positive forestry can go hand in hand.

The live webinar will feature contributions from the following experts at UPM:

Group 69.png
  • Ella Vilén, Senior Specialist, Sustainability
  • Stefanie Eichiner, Senior Manager, Sustainability
  • Atte Lindström, Director, Technical Customer Service & Product Management
  • Sawyer Scherer, Forest Ecologist, UPM Blandin Minnesota

It will cover these topics:

  • Sustainable forestry practices in the context of paper production
  • The positive impact of sustainable commercial forestry
  • The importance of biodiversity and how we enhance it at UPM Blandin, Minnesota
  • From wood to paper – Fibre mix and paper quality
  • …And much more facts about trees, forests and sustainable paper.


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