WAN-IFRA announces 2022 European Digital Media Award winners

The winners of the 2022 WAN-IFRA European Digital Media Awards have been announced, showcasing leading European news publishers whose initiatives boast a high standard of innovation and knowledge of the needs of their audiences.

Each of the winning projects provides an example of work that was found to be exceptional in its creativity and execution, while showing an impressive dedication to delivering the very best for audiences. 

The full list of winners from the 15th annual European Digital Media Awards is as follows:

The first six category winners will go head-to-head with winners from other regions, to become an overall Digital Media World Award Winner 2022, while the last three category winners are exclusive to the European region. You can find out further information on the awards here

Web3 applications for news media

In other WAN-IFRA news, the organisation also announced this week that it is partnering on a new pilot project to assess how Web3 can be used to help build ongoing trust and develop new sources of revenue for news publishers and content producers. The pilot will be produced by David Tomchak, Visiting Policy Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford.

“We’ll consider a variety of things ranging from what a newsstand for metaverses might look like, to whether decentralised finance has a role in our future,” said Tomchak. “The overall aim is to develop a blueprint for how Web3 technologies could be used to help sustain the diverse, trusted, vibrant publishing ecosystem audiences demand and which underpin open and liberal societies.”

Web2 has become closely associated with centralised social networks and centralised database providers. The promise of decentralised applications that Web3 is believed to be able to bring means that in theory, these new technologies could do a better job than the principles of Web2. 

Will it improve the technologies and behaviours we’ve come to know as Web2? Will it result in a meaningful shift in power back to individuals and communities? Ultimately, will it improve the user experience and the web for all? These are some of the key questions that this pilot aims to help put into perspective. Further information here


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