[Webinar video] Tom Triumph on how we can impact the five pillars of every organisation

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There is a real opportunity for innovators to impact every aspect of an organisation. Yet, all too often, innovation is considered something only applicable for products and services. Using real-world stories from the likes of NASA (and some puzzles involving the audience) he explains how innovators can impact all aspects of their organisation. 

In this webinar, you will:

– Get an understanding of how “Intentional Evolution” leads to success

– Learn what NASA taught us about our creative genius

– Identify areas in your company where you can compound improvement

– Change your perception of the difficulties you encounter in your work and life

– Apply a fundamental lesson from Steve Jobs to your work and life

– Learn which company beat a (literally) trillion-to-one odds, and HOW they do it

– Your invisible growth factor superpower 

Webinar viewers can also get access to two free eBooks: ‘The Call to Innovate’, and ‘A Surprise (a highly regarded non-fiction book)’. 


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Thursday 7 May (9 am EST, 2 pm BST, 3 pm CET, 9 pm HKT)

Digital Subscriptions Report Q2 2020 Update with CeleraOne & Axel Springer

A deep-dive into our latest Global Digital Subscription Snapshot.The arrival of the Coronavirus has brought about a dramatic shift in media behaviour globally as people’s freedom of movement is severely restricted. The Q2 2020 update of the report features the latest data and trends on digital subscriptions numbers from across the world. In this webinar, James Hewes, President and CEO of FIPP, and his guests – York Walterscheid, MD of CeleraOne, and Tobias Henning, General Manager Premium BILDplus and WELTplus at Axel Springer will discuss findings in the latest report and also answer audience questions.

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