‘We’ve gone headlong’: inside Time Inc.’s video strategy

Core to the push has been video, which Time Inc. has produced in multiple forms. On the Web, its video team, now at 60 people, is producing around 200 videos each week across Time’s 25 titles. That video output includes short, lightly produced one-off news bits (“Florida Toll Worker’s Firing Doesn’t Sit Well with Regulars”), longer, more in-depth series and live Web shows such as SI Now, People Now and its 120Sports live streaming digital sports network. Time Inc expects to produce 10,000 videos this year.

Time’s commitment to video over the past two years has given it a relevant position on the Web, or at least so says Time Inc. svp of video J.R. McCabe, who joined in 2013 to lead and centralise the company’s video strategy.

“We’ve gone headlong into the business understanding that our brand equity allows us to speak to our consumers this way and expose our brands to people who didn’t know we did video,” he said.

Source: Digiday

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