Why is it important to focus on your professional development?

Having a successful career requires you to think carefully and strategically about your skills, objectives and the areas in which you need to develop. Many successful people follow a plan for their career. This can vary from a detailed plan with a definite goal in mind, to those who fall into their career and strive organically thereafter.

Whichever category you fall into, you are the only person who can take responsibility for your own professional development. You may need further skills to help you do the job you currently do better, or perhaps you need professional development to get you to where you want to be.

FIPP offers two courses for magazine media professionals who want to improve their skills and have more successful careers in the future.

Magazine Brand Management Certificate (MBMC)
Successful magazine brand management requires the coordination and integration of many disparate disciplines such as strategic planning, editorial, advertising, building the brand, sales and distribution, finance, international licensing and digital platforms.

The FIPP MBMC is a practical, experience-based, modular programme. It covers the knowledge areas and management skills required by todays’ publishing professionals. One of the MBMC’s unique benefits is that the face-to-face contact allows you to learn from peers and develop international business relationships that will last you a lifetime.

Here’s what past participant Kuldip Singh (pictured), who took the course in 2009, as director of strategy for Sanoma in The Netherlands, is now CEO of Gruner + Jahr, India has to say:

“The MBMC has given me first of all a great network across the industry, which even now after a few years is still active and valuable! The learning to take home from several participating, competitive (!) companies is unique and very stimulating, besides the very broad and diverse topics covered in the program, giving an excellent hands-on overview of the entire publishing value chain. I appreciated the mix of industry leading lectures and hands-on homework assignments: practice what you learn! In the end the MBMC has been instrumental for me taking on my current role as CEO of Gruner + Jahr India.”

This programme, sponsored by UPM, begins in February 2014.

Start your journey by downloading the MBMC 2014 brochure.

Executive Programme for Innovation and Change (EPIC)
Designed for executives with significant management and strategic responsibilities in their companies, who are likely to be CEO’s or Board members of small and medium sized enterprises, or divisional level executives at larger companies, EPIC aims to help these managers strategically take their companies through these times of digital disruption.

Teaching will be led by a world-class business faculty from Oxford University’s Saïd Business School who will draw on a wide range of case studies from many industries, with additional input from senior magazine media experts. It will also aim to draw on experts from other industries who have successfully transitioned through digital disruption.

EPIC will commence on 7 July 2014. For more information download the EPIC brochure.

If you have any questions about either course feel free to contact Christine Huntingford or Jenny Stubbs.

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