Why speed and credibility is key to content delivery

Justin Dewhirst, EMEA general manager at Bloomberg Media UK, spoke today at FIPP’s Middle East and Africa event in Dubai about how the company ensures it is at the front and centre of its audience’s focus.

“The key elements of our focus are speed, credibility, financial news/business information and being global,” said Dewhirst, who cited the company’s Terminal product as the most important source of financial information in the MENA region and beyond.

Bloomberg Terminal ()

Bloomberg Terminal has a community of 325,000 professionals in finance and other industries, who can access the Bloomberg Professional service through which users can monitor and analyse real-time financial market data and place trades. 

“The Bloomberg Terminal provides real-time data on every market on the planet and has an unparalleled speed of news, research and analysis,” said Dewhirst. “Bloomberg makes business leaders smarter and faster through the services we provide.”

Dewhirst used an example of the recent Davos conference to illustrate how Terminal can change a company’s share price in an instant. During a “market moving interview”, Terminal monitored the company in question’s stock price minute-by-minute, which changed by the second and showed the share price had risen by the end of the interview.

With almost 50 million global users, Bloomberg is challenging “digital immigrants” such as the Financial Times, Economist and Wall Street Journal and “digital natives” including The Huffington Post and Quartz, said Dewhirst. The credibility of business news has never been more important, and Bloomberg’s focus on delivering smarter and faster information suggests they’ll be leading the pack for the foreseeable future.

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