WMM: a unique platform for greetings, meetings and deals making

Over the years, WMM has been the starting point (even closing point) for many a cross-border, international media deal.

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The first WMM took place in 2001, and this year it forms part of FIPP London on 10-11 May (FIPP London’s other channels are FIPP Mobile and FIPP Tech, both speaker channels, and FIPP Innovation, a masterclass channel).

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 Who will you meet at FIPP London?

This year you will be able to meet people from businesses around the world such as Axel Springer, Blu Inc. Media, Burda International, Business Insider, Condé Nast, Editoriale Domus, IBT Media, Gloo Networks, Google, Facebook, 7AWI, Hearst, Hola!, Ideat, IDG, Imagine Publishing, Immediate Media, International Media Group, Martha Stewart Living, Mondadori, Motor Presse Stuttgart, Publicitas, Quartz, The Daily Beast, The Economist, The New York Times, Yahoo and many others at FIPP London.

How to set up meetings & make the most of your time FIPP London time

Our best advice for making the most of the WMM meeting space; is to use the FIPP London online diary (only available to registered delegates) to pre-schedule meetings with people you would like to meet. You can start setting up meetings as soon as you have registered for FIPP London.

This is not only to ensure you get those meetings you desire, but also to help you make FIPP London as productive as you can, in between opportunities to meet people in the WMM meeting space or attending sessions or masterclasses in FIPP Mobile, FIPP Tech and FIPP Innovation.

Mike loves it; You may too

Mike Lovell, Director International Investor Relations at Meredith International in the USA, will be at FIPP London, representing brands such as Allrecipes at WMM. Here’s why he is looking forward to the event:

“FIPP London gives Meredith a variety of opportunities in one great venue: Meeting a wide group of prospective clients; visiting with current business partners; and learning best practices from colleagues around the world. We are enthusiastic supporters of the event.”


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