Media Unscripted Podcast: Episode 4 – National Geographic

Media Unscripted Podcast: Episode 4 – National Geographic

Episode 4 of the Media Unscripted podcast is now available on general release. Yulia Boyle is Senior Vice President of International Media, Image Collection, & Content Operations for National Geographic Partners, and upon being appointed as FIPP Chair at the end of last year, immediately declared diversity and inclusion one of her top priorities for the industry. 

Produced in partnership with PressReader, Media Unscripted goes behind the headlines to get a first-hand glimpse into the lives of the professionals who have helped shape the industry into what it is today. Yulia’s story certainly doesn’t disappoint in this respect, as she chats openly to Podcast Host, Charlotte Ricca, about her unique journey through the sector.  

It’s a fascinating episode, in which Boyle speaks not only about her own personal journey, but also of the most important macro-level issues facing the industry today. You can listen across Spotify, Apple, and all other leading platforms, as well as below. 

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