Pitching with Impact. Get 10% off the normal rate with promo code “FIPPFL21” when you register.

Pitching with Impact. Get 10% off the normal rate with promo code “FIPPFL21” when you register.

Takeaways from this workshop:

  • Explain the purpose of your brand and solution to your client in the most powerful way
  • Identify the difference between a strong pitch structure that drives action, and a weaker pitch that fails to drive your client to change
  • Differentiate your pitch from the competition
  • Tips on high impact, engaging delivery across various communication channels
  • Learn two unique and powerful approaches for positioning your company and your solution
  • A pitching template for aligning your specific brand and solution

Outcome: Greater client buy-in to your brand and solution.

Course Outline

Bad sales pitching is one of the biggest frustrations for today’s buyers. Gartner* has shown that 86 per cent of buyers don’t see a big enough difference between one option and another to pay more for it, proving that the majority of pitches fail to sufficiently differentiate the seller’s brand and build the value of their solution. The perfect pitch should align your brand with your client’s and position your solution as uniquely well placed to overcome their challenges. Clients need a salesperson’s pitch to address two fundamental needs:

  1. Trust in the salesperson’s brand
  2. Belief that the salesperson truly understands their challenges and has a solution that will overcome them

Far too many salespeople launch into sales pitching before they’ve gained a deep understanding of their client’s world. This immediately erodes any trust that the client has in the salesperson and suggests that; at best, the salesperson doesn’t understand their world, and, at worst, the salesperson just wants to sell them something. This approach is deeply flawed, especially when you consider CEB’s** research which highlights that only 19 per cent of buyers report trusting salespeople. When considering the content of a pitch, the majority of salespeople spend their airtime focusing on the specifics of their solution, rather than the specific needs of their client. This results in a pitch that leaves the client with no clear reason to commit and move forward with the sale.

Who should attend?

Those who want to learn sales pitching with impact. This workshop is suitable for anyone operating within sales or sales leadership. Individuals or teams are welcome.

Save 10% on the normal rate by using promotional code FIPPFL21 when you register for this course.

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